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Composition 1


Systematic simplicity and pure and essential lines constitute the principle characteristics of LINE. The result: a wide-ranging architectural project, a composition highlighted by the use of colour such as White and Aubergine which together generate colour volume which perfectly integrates with the gloss lacquered storage units.


The familiar linearity of contemporary interiors defines the aesthetic shape of the LINE Project, which is extended to include every single element. The quest for maximum essentiality represents the kingpin of the design with LINE fronts boasting extra thickness, enhanced with the presence of the convenient handle sunken into the door.

Composition 2


LINE represents pure geometry made up of fundamental solid volumes, encircled by lit space, emphasized by the design of the reflections of painted surfaces.


The choice to incorporate gloss lacquered color to the composition heightens the overall light effects within the surroundings, providing a fresh feel to the ambient.


This offer is applied to an island composition, which marks its presence in an open-space arrangement, where single compositional elements evolve into essential geometric volumes. The gloss lacquered Cream is broken up by the color contrast of cast iron storage units, to achieve a design solution with significant graphic desirability.

Composition 3


LINE’s great color versatility allows you to create a personalized kitchen which is able to satisfy all aesthetic tastes, regardless of type.


The lacquer finish applied to our products is polyester based which ensures excellent resistance against knocks and surface specularity which endures with time.


The lacquers, ranging from the warm and comforting colors to the brighter colors, offer the possibility of creating cornices which match the living area, aligned to the style: the columns in this composition are exemplary of the composition in the colors Iron, Turtle Dove and Clay.


The gloss or acrylic lacquer color range available is vast; the acrylic lacquers are characterized by the exceptional “satin effect”, soft to the touch.

GLOSS LACQUER. A polyurethane substance applied to an MDF panel previously treated with a polyester base. Polishing is used to achieve a gloss effect. In fact, the lacquer coating is rubbed down using finer fibers in order to achieve perfect planarity and specularity.


The gloss lacquered doors boast unique reflection potential: they maximize the light in the room and inject a fresh feel to the overall kitchen.

Drawers and extractors boast great storage capacity and are extremely functional, very convenient for holding objects. ASTRA supplies as standard the BLUM FULL EXTRACTION TANDEMBOX PLUS with BLUMOTION, to make the most of the available space. The choice to use BLUM is motivated by the need for maximum German quality, for certified safety that remains reliable in the longterm; in fact, drawers, as well as extractors, are equipped with limit stops, with automatic closure and assisted stop mechanism. The inside of ASTRA drawers can be equipped with specific accessories which allow for the arrangement of space, where everything has its place and everything can be kept in order and close at hand. The large drawers, can hold, in addition to plates, pans, detergents, utensils and food stuffs, recycle dustbins. Even in terms of the opening mechanisms of the standard cupboards available, BLUM focuses on quality and reliability.

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