Composition 1


Designed with contemporary alternating rhythms, SP.22 assumes a strong identity when it relies on flexible geometric shapes, achieved through the perfect combinations of straight lines and sinuous curves.


The absence of any handles, which have been replaced by the DIVA groove, does not neglect the functional aspect of the product or its formal cleanliness.


SP.22 is the result of an exclusive creativity, deriving from an initial project marked by a futuristic spirit, which does not neglect the functional aspect of the product dedicated to everyday usage and maximum convenience.

Suggesting a curved and dynamic idea for the storage units and for the “sinuosa” cooker hood made it possible to emphasise and enhance the consistency between shape and function across the entire composition.

Surprising for the wealth of solutions and details, the shades of the thermo-structured afro add a touch of character and personality to the domestic ambiance.

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